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Long story short –

I'm Shannon Price

I’m a New York/New Jersey based creative with a multifaceted background in branding & identity, digital & printed advertising, social media, UI/UX design, photo & video production, concepting & strategic thinking, communication & collaboration, and team leadership & mentorship. With 12 years of industry experience, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects, big and small. When I’m not working, I enjoy long walks on the beach with my husband and dog (I know, I know – but we live on the beach!) I love traveling, exploring new neighborhoods, trying new restaurants, attending comedy shows and being anywhere with live music.

But if you have some time to kill, here’s the long version –

I consider myself very fortunate to have a career that I truly feel I was meant to be in. I was artistic and creative my entire life. Drawing, painting, storytelling, all the arts and crafts – there was never enough construction paper in my house growing up. Born and raised in Scranton, PA (pause for jokes/remarks/anecdote about The Office), I remember telling my mom at a young age that when I get older, I want to “paint billboards.” However, it wasn’t until I was looking at colleges that I really discovered graphic design. I loved the idea of being able to use my creative thinking and artistic talents towards something that had function and purpose. And it sounded a hell of a lot better than becoming a “starving artist.”


After that (as they say), the rest was history. I went on to pursue my B.S. in Graphic Design Communication at Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University). Following graduation, I moved to New York City and took every freelance gig I could get my hands on before securing my first full-time graphic design role. Over the past 12 years, I’ve honed my craft in the advertising industry, playing both a hands on and managerial role – coaching, leading and mentoring design teams, while ensuring the execution of exceptional, show-stopping work. Through my body of work and client list, you’ll see that I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, with a diverse range of clients spanning nearly every industry; including technology, healthcare, transportation, retail, hospitality, and quick service restaurants.

Most recently, I’ve held the titles of:

Design Director, Superunion

VP of Creative, Ruckus Marketing

Associate Creative Director, Bayard Advertising

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