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Vista (formerly VistaPrint)


Like so many tech companies, Vista’s culture, that thrived on togetherness, laughter in rec rooms, vibrant spaces, energetic luncheons and an extensive list of in-office perks, came to a screeching halt in March 2020. Despite the vast uncertainly the future held, Vista sprang into action and was one of the first in their industry to announce they were remodeling their work environment to be remote-first. My team and I were tasked with bringing their exciting, new journey to life through their careers website. It was also important to communicate what all of this meant for a job seeker. What did their hiring processes look like now? What does “asynchronous communication” really look like on a daily basis? So much has changed throughout the company and their visual brand (not to mention the entire world) since launching in 1994, however their foundation and mission to support small business owners always remained.

We knew that a mobile focused design would be vital in engaging with their target audiences. So breaking down the walls of their 30+ page site and simplifying it to just four, clean and concise pages was our first step. We approached this by stripping the content, excluding the “fluff,” while making sure every important theme was communicated. Through extensive competitor research, we also found this to be in-line with industry trends. The simplified, modern design felt like a natural, contrasting pivot from what was previously a motion-heavy, busy website as well. A predominantly black and white color palette set the perfect stage to add pops of bold colors in purposeful ways. The addition of the “color bars” throughout the site are reminiscent of their roots in print production, while doubling as an expression of unity and belonging within their workforce across the globe. The cherry on top was our partnership with Vista’s counterparts at 99designs, to create unique illustrations to further bring their dynamic narrative to life.

small bussinessesfinal.png
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