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Collins Aerospace


Emotional, badass, dramatic, bold, edgy, empowering, down right sexy – a few words I would use to describe Collins Aerospace’s branding. Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies subsidiary, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products. They bleed innovation. They create cutting-edge technology that truly impacts the world in a huge way. Using their new, stunning look and feel as a spring board, my team and I were tasked with creating four landing pages for four key hiring initiatives; engineers, new college graduates, DE&I-focused audiences, and military & veterans. Despite the differentiation of audiences, “careers built to fly” was a prevalent theme in our research and a common thread used to tie the pages together.

Look at current technology design trends and throw them out the window. Collins’ dark, audacious photography treatment immediately lures you into the pages. The eye catching, high-contrast, content areas, with pops of their hot orange call-outs, keep you engaged to continue scrolling. We wanted these pages to feel immersive and inspirational. We wanted job seekers to think, “Dammmmn. I need to be a part of this!” And then of course, apply.


Fun fact: In 2017, when Collins was still operating under UTC Aerospace, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Singapore, India, and England to direct an extensive video-research initiative and photoshoot. I met with dozens of the company’s leading engineers and got to see how they built and tested many of the products that allow billions of people to fly every year.

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